Can’t stop thinking about your double chin? Dr. Brad Turner and Dr. Sandy Chuang at Evolution Medical and Laser offer SculpSure® Submental, a quick and noninvasive procedure to help you achieve a slimmer appearance of your chin and neck. If you live in or near Delta, British Columbia, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

SculpSure Double Chin Treatment Q & A

How can SculpSure treat your double chin?

Double chin, or submental fat, is notoriously difficult to eliminate. However, SculpSure Submental uses gentle laser technology to melt away the stubborn fat under your chin. This innovative design provides precise and effective treatments to achieve a slimmer appearance of your chin and neck.

How does SculpSure Submental work?

The laser technology of SculpSure Submental is specifically designed to disrupt and eliminate those unwanted fat cells under your chin. The laser beams work by raising the temperature of your fat cells, which ultimately kills the targeted cells.

During this process, the surface of your skin remains cool so that the skin surrounding the treated area isn’t damaged. Your body later eliminates your treated fat cells through your body’s natural processes and they don’t come back.

What can you expect during your SculpSure Submental treatment session?

Dr. Turner and Dr. Chuang utilize a special handpiece which attaches snugly and comfortably under your chin. Next, they customize the parameters for your treatment session and your desired results. The laser energy then gently targets your submental fat cells, working to reduce the appearance of your double chin.

Treatment sessions typically last about 25 minutes. SculpSure Submental is not only effective, but it’s noninvasive. That means you can return to your daily activities right away with no downtime.

How soon after can you see your results following your SculpSure Submental treatment?

You can expect to notice results six weeks following your treatment session. However, the best results often reveal themselves after 12 weeks.

Most patients require two sessions spaced about six weeks apart for optimal results. Dr. Turner and Dr. Chuang can help determine how many sessions you might need to reach your goal.

The new technology of SculpSure Submental is the perfect complement to SculpSure’s treatments for other areas of stubborn body fat. With these treatments, you no longer have to deal with unwanted fat pockets and trouble areas.

It’s time to look in the mirror with confidence: Call Evolution Medical and Laser today or request a consultation online.